Tuesday, August 10, 2010

The NEP And It's Reality

The NEP has been on now for almost 40 years, far longer than originally planned. Admittedly the Malays had been at fault because they did not make correct use of the opportunities created for them in the NEP.
Whatever the reason, the Malays have not gained for themselves the 30% target in corporate ownership even.
If a proper audit is made their wealth is even less than 30% of total wealth of the people of Malaysia.
Most of the wealth of the country belongs to the Chinese. It can also be said that the Chinese control the economy of the country.

In the political field the Malays appear to be in control. Most of the high posts i.e. PM, MB etc are held by the Malays. If these posts are held by the Chinese, then not only will the economy be under Chinese control but the political arena would also be under the Chinese. What will be the Malay stake in the country?

The NEP is about giving the Malays a fair stake in the economy of the country. Should they get this then they should be ready to relinquish a commensurate amount of control in the political field. Since they have not gained a fair share in the economy, then they should be allowed to retain this greater share in politics.

Petikan Dari Tulisan Dr Mahathir Mohamed

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