Friday, May 11, 2012

Ambiga Bersih Dan Agendanya

by : tanah melayu.

Di bawah ini di paparkan kritikan keras yang dipetik daripada A Kadir Jasin. Nilai dan fikirkan dengan dada dan fikiran terbuka. 

"with apologies, the involvement of A Samad Said in the bersih movement is insignificant. Those of us who knew him, don't think highly of him anyway. He was spineless and clueless as editor of Berita Harian. He was afraid of making political decisions. He was and still is a literary person, only that in his old age he is carried away by the nostalgia of his childhood and youth, when, unlike Samad Ismail and Abang Usman, he was not politically involved.

There's no way that he can battle and match the agility and agenda of the likes of Ambiga who are seeking to change the status quo and put an end to the Malay power and Umno's hegemony. The blame is on the corrupt and inept Malay leaders among us, be they in Umno, Pas or PKR. Power and money, coupled with the lack of intellect among the current crop of Malay leaders, are the real cause of the current Malay malady.

Like viruses in our body, the Ambigas are merely reacting to the changing heath of the Malay Bangsa. They are growing, mutating and becoming virulent because the malay body and soul are week, thanks to Mahathir's pampering of the Malays and the opening of the floodgates by Abdullah and the removal of the entire barrier by Najib.

The corrupt Malays in Umno, Pas and PKR who are today in power are the real cause of the downfall of the Malays. Period.

Bersih's free, fair and clean election crusade is only a ruse. The unspoken agenda is the weakening of the Malay power by breaking up the Malays so that their majority position is reduced to statistics. By playing one Malay party/group against another, the puppet masters like Ambiga and the anti-Malays among the Malay Libertarians will gain influence and eventaully power.

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