Sunday, February 28, 2016


PKR’s Rafizi Ramli today acknowledged Lembaga Tabung Haji’s (LTH) police report against him and said the complaint was filed because it is seen as an easier way to win a conviction instead of through a civil lawsuit.

PKR secretary-general said, however, that if he was wrong about the pilgrimage fund providing a nearly RM1 billion corporate guarantee to associate company TH Heavy Engineering Berhad (THHE), it was more appropriate for the matter to be raised in a lawsuit.

Earlier today, LTH confirmed lodging a police report on the matter and said it did so to protect the interest of its depositors and uphold its reputation. It also challenged the Pandan MP to reveal the name of the bank that allegedly approved the loan to THHE and the purported corporate guarantee letter from LTH.


So it looks like Rafizi Ramli is now shaken somewhat. Lembaga Tabung Haji (TH) has made a police report against him regarding his allegation. And Rafizi feels that in the event he was wrong and had made a false allegation then TH should sue him instead. In other words, TH should confine this to a civil suit rather than treat it as a criminal case.

It is actually entirely up to TH how they wish to seek justice. Rafizi has made an allegation against them. TH says that the allegation is false and so they made a police report. So TH will now leave it to the police to investigate the matter and Rafizi will have to clear himself by showing the police whatever evidence he has to support his allegation.

Assuming Rafizi does not really have any evidence to support his allegation then his goose is cooked. Or even if he does have the evidence but he cannot prove that the evidence is not a fabrication (or has not been tampered with) then his goose is also cooked. And if Rafizi does have the evidence and he can prove that it is genuine and has not been tampered with, he will also have to prove that by revealing how he obtained it. If not, then TH can just claim that the evidence is a fake and has been fabricated (or has been tampered with and is not the true copy of the original document).

Can you see how TH has got Rafizi over a barrel? The onus is now on Rafizi to clear himself or else he would be facing criminal charges. And considering this is not his first offence but he has been habitually doing this so many times the court may not go easy on him.

You see, if TH chooses a civil suit and even if Rafizi loses, the implications are not as great as him losing  a criminal case where he faces the risk of losing his parliament seat and of getting barred from contesting the next general election. And if he goes to jail he may even face a ban on the next two general elections depending on how many years the jail sentence is.

So I think TH was rather clever in choosing criminal over civil action and I am sure even Rafizi himself admires this brilliance.

Actually, Rafizi wants TH to prove that the allegation against them is false. Rafizi alleges something against TH and he wants them to prove that it is not true. That is why he wants TH to go for civil action instead of making it a criminal case (because if he loses a criminal case his political career would suffer compared to losing a civil case — unless he is declared bankrupt in the process).

Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, Muhyiddin Yassin, Muhkriz Mahathir, and all those others in the ANC (Anti-Najib Campaign), plus those from Pakatan Harapan, want Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak to prove he did not steal RM42 billion and that 1MDB’s money has not all disappeared into thin air. They also want him to prove that the RM2.6 billion was not stolen from 1MDB.

In the beginning, all they wanted was for Najib to explain. The main complaint was that an allegation has been made but Najib just keeps quiet and he does not respond or jawab. So they want Najib to deny the allegation (which he had thus far not done) and explain what really happened (in the event he did not steal 1MDB’s money and that RM42 billion has not disappeared into thin air).

So eventually Najib did reply and he denied the allegation and he explained what happened. But then they called Najib a liar and said they do not believe him.

So Najib got various people in authority who were privy to the events to explain what happened and they said that the allegations against Najib are not true but are a pack of lies. But then Najib’s critics said, why are other people replying instead of Najib replying himself? Tony Pua of DAP even called Najib a nincompoop for getting other people to reply and for not replying himself.

But then Najib did reply and they called him a liar and said they do not believe him. So, when Najib replies they call him a liar and say they do not believe him, but when others reply they call Najib a nincompoop. And even if Najib shows the evidence they say that the evidence is fake and has been fabricated.

How do you deal with such people? My advice would be to just ignore them and treat them as barking dogs. There is absolutely nothing in the world you can say or do that will satisfy them. Whatever you may say or do they will still say you are corrupt, a crook, and that you stole RM42 billion of 1MBD’s money and that RM42 billion has disappeared into thin air.

So Najib should just make a police report and let the police investigate this matter and let all those who have made allegations against him prove that the allegations are true by showing the police the real and un-fabricated or un-doctored evidence.

If they still insist that they do not need to prove anything but instead Najib should prove his innocence and prove that the allegations against him are false, then everyone would need to do the same thing.

It will become the new standards of the justice system where you need to prove your innocence and not the accusers needing to prove your guilt.

So, an allegation has been made that Dr Mahathir stole between RM100-200 billion of Unmo’s money. Dr Mahathir would need to show the evidence that he has already returned that RM100-200 billion to Umno before he retired as the Prime Minister on 31st October 2003.

Dr Mahathir’s sons have been accused of becoming multi-millionaires/billionaires the dishonest/crooked way by abusing their position as Dr Mahathir’s sons. The sons would have to prove that this is to true and that they became multi-millionaires/billionaires because they have been saving their pocket money since primary school.

Muhyiddin Yassin has been accused of engineering a conspiracy to oust the Prime Minister through an unconstitutional coup in concert with various people, the gang of Tan Sri included. He is also accused of feeding Sarawak ReportThe Malaysian Insider, The Edge and Wall Street Journal confidential documents protected under the Official Secrets Act, plus feeding them fabricated/doctored documents in order to undermine the Prime Minister and sabotage Malaysia’s economy hoping that this will result in the Prime Minister’s downfall.

Muhyiddin has to prove that this is not true while noting that he has already confessed to this yesterday, plus noting that an act of sabotaging Malaysia’s economy is an act of treason and he can be charged with waging war against the Agong and therefore risks getting a death sentence if he is found guilty.

Yes, let them all prove that the allegations against them are not true just like they want Najib to prove that the allegations against him are not true.

There is also the allegation that the ANC was formed after the meeting of December 2014 and that RM2 billion was budgeted to finance the Anti-Najib Campaign plus to bribe various people including buying off at least 30 Members of Parliament and paying off various journalists and bloggers both locally and internationally.

There is also the allegation that the ANC met again in December 2015 after they had failed miserably to oust Najib and that they agreed to form a new party before the end of 2016 with a budget of RM3 billion and that this new party will challenge Umno in the next general election in 2018 and that if they win they will form a new coalition government with the DAP-led Pakatan Harapan.

Yes, based on the new standards of the justice system where you need to prove your innocence, they will have to prove that all these allegations are not true. So we await that evidence and until and unless they can prove their innocence then we will have to assume in the meantime that they are all guilty as alleged.

- Malaysia Today. 

Saturday, February 27, 2016


Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Razak mengingatkan bahawa jika politik di Malaysia tidak stabil yang rugi adalah rakyat negara ini.

Menurutnya orang ramai perlu memastikan kestabilan politik negara terjamin dan tiada yang mampu menggugatnya.

"Kalau hidup dalam keadaan terumbang-ambing dari soal keselamatan dan kestabilan politik, yang akan rugi adalah rakyat jelata," katanya.

Jelas Najib soal keselamatan merupakan antara empat perkara yang beliau selaku ketua pentadbiran kerajaan tekankan dan dijadikan keutamaan, manakala tiga lagi adalah kestabilan politik, tadbir urus ekonomi yang baik serta menangani kemaslahatan (faedah) rakyat.

Bagi kestabilan politik, Najib berkata kerajaan tidak bersifat kuku besi dan mengamalkan 'dictatorship', sebaliknya menyanjung tinggi prinsip demokrasi berparlimen.

"Setiap lima tahun kita kembalikan kepada rakyat untuk pilih kerajaan yang dikehendaki oleh rakyat. Tetapi antara dua pilihan raya (umum) kita kena jaga kestabilan politik.

"Alhamdulillah kerajaan yang ada mempunyai majoriti yang mencukupi. Sesiapa yang uar-uarkan kerajaan akan tumbang, apa yang mereka dakwa itu (tidak menjadi), apabila belanjawan negara tahun lepas diluluskan di Parlimen dengan majoriti yang besar. Begitu juga rang undang-undang lain juga boleh diluluskan di Parlimen. Kita tak bimbang dari segi kestabilan politik," katanya.

Perdana menteri berkata demikian ketika berucap merasmikan Kompleks Komuniti Muhibbah dan Program Kenduri 1Wilayah Persekutuan di PPR Kampung Muhibbah Kuala Lumpur.

Dalam soal tadbir urus ekonomi negara, Najib berkata negara sentiasa berhadapan dengan cabaran dan ancaman yang berkait rapat dengan ekonomi global, tetapi kerajaan masih mampu menguruskan ekonomi negara secara cekap serta berhemah.

"Kita tak dapat terlepas daripada ancaman atau kesan perkembangan ekonomi dunia seperti krisis ekonomi Asia pada 1997, 1998...kita juga terkesan. Kita terima kesan yang parah pada masa itu kerana kita mempunyai ekonomi yang terbuka. Begitu juga krisis ekonomi tertentu sebelum ini.

"Hari ini kita berdepan dengan persekitaran luaran yang membawa kesan kepada ekonomi negara. Sebagai contoh harga minyak. Setiap dolar harga minyak jatuh, hasil negara berkurangan RM450 juta. Setahun dulu harga minyak US$110 setong, hari ini jatuh begitu ketara US$32-US$34 setong. Bayangkan berapa bilion hasil negara kita hilang kesan kejatuhan harga minyak," katanya.

Beliau berkata di sebalik cabaran itu, kerajaan masih berjaya mentadbir urus ekonomi negara dengan baik, dan ini dibuktikan dengan perakuan positif daripada Tabung Kewangan Antarabangsa (IMF) dan beberapa agensi penarafan antarabangsa baru-baru ini.

"Kita dapat pengiktirafan daripada agensi-agensi penarafan antarabangsa. Kalau ada orang kata ekonomi kita tak diuruskan dengan baik, mereka itu cakap politik sahaja, mereka tidak berniat baik. Agensi antarabangsa buat kesimpulan, kita masih mentadbir ekonomi kita dengan baik," katanya.

Najib berkata dalam apa jua keadaan, kerajaan tetap memberi keutamaan dan mendahulukan kemaslahatan rakyat. "Di Malaysia, walaupun negara berhadapan dengan cabaran sana sini, secara umum kita menentukan usaha kebajikan untuk rakyat, dan dalam soal ini, termasuklah kemudahan seperti Kompleks Komuniti Muhibbah ini," katanya.

Kompleks Komuniti Muhibbah antaranya merangkumi pembangunan sebuah dewan pusat komuniti, gelanggang badminton, perpustakaan, pusat aktiviti warga emas, Klinik 1Malaysia, tadika, surau yang diberi kelulusan untuk mengadakan solat Jumaat dan taman permainan kanak-kanak.

Kompleks berhawa dingin ini mula dibina pada 24 Julai 2014 dan siap sepenuhnya pada 18 Jan 2016, memberi keselesaan kepada 10,693 penghuni daripada 2,458 keluarga di PPR Kampung Muhibbah.

Sehubungan dengan itu, Najib meminta orang ramai menyokong kerajaan dan pasukan keselamatan dalam memerangi segala bentuk jenayah, keganasan dan ekstremisme.

Perdana menteri berkata aspek keselamatan merupakan asas penting dalam pembangunan sesebuah negara dan kerana itu ia perlu diberi perhatian oleh semua pihak.

"Asas pillar atau tiang seri kepada mana-mana negara...tanpa keselamatan, kita tak mungkin boleh membawa pembangunan, malah kita mungkin tak tidur jenera (lena) tiap-tiap malam kalau rasa diri kita dan keluarga kita tidak selamat.

"Maka keselamatan memerangi jenayah dan menolak keganasan serta ekstremisme mestilah diberi perhatian yang serius bukan hanya oleh kerajaan, pasukan keselamatan tetapi juga masyarakat setempat dan pemimpin tempatan, yang mesti bersama memerangi jenayah, memerangi keganasan dan segala bentuk fahaman yang boleh membawa kepada keganasan," katanya.

Hadir sama pada majlis itu ialah Menteri Wilayah Persekutuan Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor dan timbalannya, Datuk Dr J. Loga Bala Mohan.

- Agendadaily.


Friday, February 26, 2016


Jawatan Timbalan Presiden UMNO, Tan
Sri Muhyiddin Yassin digantung serta-merta sehingga pemilihan parti akan datang.

Setiausaha Agung UMNO, Datuk Seri Tengku Adnan Tengku Mansor berkata keputusan itu diambil selepas ahli Majlis Tertinggi (MT) berbincang selama lebih dua jam untuk usul penggantungan berkenaan.

"MT mengambil maklum UMNO menyokong prinsip bersuara tetapi perlulah mengikut saluran yang betul. Dalam kes Muhyiddin ini, apa yang dilakukannya adalah sangat serius dan MT mengambil keputusan menggantung jawatannya serta-merta.

"Keputusan itu diambil selepas mengambil kira suasana politik semasa. Muhyiddin seharusnya membantu dalam usaha mengukuhkan parti.

"Naib Presiden, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi akan menjalankan tugas Timbalan Presiden UMNO," katanya semasa sidang media selepas mesyuarat Majlis Tertinggi (MT) UMNO di Menara Dato Onn di sini hari ini.

Spekulasi pemecatan Muhyiddin semakin kuat selepas ahli MT Datuk Seri Mohamed Nazri Abdul Aziz meminta Muhyiddin meletakkan jawatan sebagai Timbalan Presiden jika tidak lagi dapat menjalankan tanggungjawab yang diamanahkan kepadanya dengan sempurna.
Semasa membuat gesaan itu, Mohamed Nazri berkata Perlembagaan UMNO menyatakan dengan jelas bahawa tugas Timbalan Presiden parti itu adalah untuk membantu presiden.

Dalam pada itu, kata Tengku Adnan, Muhyiddin dan naib presiden Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal sudah dimaklumkan untuk hadir ke mesyuarat MT berkenaan namun tidak menghadirkan diri.

"Hanya jawatan Timbalan Presiden yang dipegang Muhyiddin digantung dan jawatan lain yang ada kekal seperti biasa," jelasnya.

Muhyiddin sebelum ini dilapor mengingatkan Majlis Tertinggi parti itu supaya jangan sekali-kali berani untuk mengambil tindakan terhadapnya jika tidak mempunyai bukti.

Ia susulan ucapannya di Kampung Baru pada 7 Disember yang dilaporkan akan dirujuk ke Lembaga Disiplin Parti dan Majlis Tertinggi.

Monday, February 22, 2016


Kementerian Dalam Negeri (KDN) didesak agar membatalkan program pemutihan pendatang tanpa izin (pati) kerana sindiket penjualan kuota kelulusan syarikat yang dilantik untuk program pemutihan didakwa telah melakukan kutipan wang berlebihan.

Presiden Pertubuhan Ikatan Usahawan kecil dan Sederhana (IKHLAS), Mohd Ridzuan Abdullah mendakwa, sindiket yang melakukan kegiatan sejak 15 Februari telah menjual nama menteri dan pegawai-pegawain KDN kononnya memberikan perlindungan.

“IKHLAS mendesak KDN membatalkan program pemutihan pati, sindiket penjualan kuota kelulusan, syarikat-syarikat yang dilantik oleh KDN untuk program pemutihan PATI telah melakukan kutipan wang berlebihan sejak 15 Februari dengan menjual nama menteri dan pegawai KDN,” katanya dalam satu kenyataan, hari ini.

Katanya, IKHLAS mendesak agar program pemutihan PATI ini dibatalkan kerana ia tidak memberi kesan malah, jika diteruskan akan menggalakkan rasuah serta penipuan maklumat warga asing.

“Untuk jangka masa panjang pati ini jika kekal, ia lebih banyak menimbulkan masalah sosial, jika dilihat akhbar-akhbar hari ini, setiap hari ada berita jenayah warga ini (pati) terhadap penduduk tempatan.

“Mereka juga memonopoli perniagaan warga tempatan, kerajaan mesti tegas dalam isu ini, jangan sampai satu hari ada warga asing ini melakukan keganasan atau sebagai pengebom berani mati,” ujarnya lagi.

Mengulas lanjut, Ridzuan turut menggesa agar Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi tidak melayan pihak-pihak berkepentingan yang cuba mengaut keuntungan dengan sindiket penipuan program ini.

“Tutup agensi pekerja asing, kerana ini adalah salah satu faktor kenapa pati ramai di Malaysia. Semua agensi penguatkuasaan di sempadan atau airport perlu di pantau rapat oleh SPRM dn suruhanjaya integriti.

“Ketua pengarah dan pengarah imigresen perlu berasa malu dan seharusnya bertanggungjawab bagaimana pati boleh lolos ke sempadan negara dan kini jutaan PATI berada di dalam negara,” tegasnya.

- FMT.

Sunday, February 21, 2016


Kesalahan diletakkan kepada bekas Perdana Menteri, Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad sekiranya Wawasan 2020 yang dicetuskan ketika zaman pemerintahannya itu gagal dicapai.

Bekas Timbalan Perdana Menteri, Tun Musa Hitam mendakwa, Tun Mahathir lupa bahawa jika Wawasan 2020 mahu dijayakan beliau perlu melatih pemimpin di semua peringkat terutamanya pemimpin politik.

“Adalah ironi Wawasan 2020 pasti gagal kerana Dr Mahathir sendiri. Sebijak mana pun beliau, Dr Mahathir lupa bahawa untuk berjaya beliau perlu melatih pemimpin dari semua peringkat terutamanya di kalangan pemimpin politik,” katanya pada majlis memperingati ulang tahun ke-113 Perdana Menteri Pertama Malaysia, Tunku Abdul Rahman semalam.

Wawasan 2020 diumumkan oleh Tun Mahathir ketika membentangkan Rancangan Malaysia Keenam pada tahun 1991 yang bermatlamat menjadikan Malaysia sebuah negara maju.

Namun, menurut Musa rekod kepimpinan Tun Mahathir mempamerkan bekas perdana menteri itu telah menyingkirkan ramai pemimpin berpotensi dan hanya mengekalkan pengikut setia.

"Pengikut ini dilatih untuk berdedikasi dan setia kepada sesiapa yang duduk di bahagian paling atas.

“Prinsip itu mudah sahaja...mereka hanya perlu setia jika mahu terus 'hidup',” katanya.

Terdahulu, Menteri Komunikasi dan Multimedia, Datuk Seri Salleh Said Keruak dalam blognya berkata Wawasan 2020 mustahil untuk dicapai kerana Tun Mahathir gagal mengambil kira krisis kewangan apabila mencetuskan idea itu - Sinar Harian.


Wednesday, February 17, 2016


Ekonomi negara dijangka akan meningkat tinggi sekiranya pekerja asing di negara ini dihantar pulang ke negara asal, kata Presiden Majlis Belia Selangor (MBS), Datuk Irmohizam Ibrahim.

Menerusi kenyataan media yang dikeluarkan hari ini, Irmohizam berkata sekiranya pekerja asing dihantar pulang ke negara masing-masing, pergerakan ekonomi dijangka akan meningkat tinggi kesan daripada pengurangan pengaliran keluar wang dari Malaysia.

“Pengiriman wang keluar oleh pekerja asing pada 2013 menunjukkan trend meningkat berbanding RM21.7 bilion yang direkodkan pada 2012,” katanya.
Selain itu, Irmohizam berkata, rakyat tempatan juga disarankan agar mempunyai daya tahan dan kebolehan bekerja yang tinggi bagi mengurangkan kebergantungan serta persaingan dengan pekerja asing di negara ini.

Menurut beliau, majikan juga sewajarnya memberikan inisiatif tambahan selain gaji yang lebih baik daripada pekerja asing agar dapat menarik minat pekerja tempatan.

“Pekerjaan yang berisiko tinggi sukar untuk dijawat oleh pekerja tempatan melainkan majikan dapat memberi elaun khas seperti elaun perubatan dan perlindungan insurans,” katanya.

Dalam pada itu, Irmohizam yang juga merupakan Ahli Parlimen Kuala Selangor turut mengingatkan pekerja tempatan agar tidak  bersikap skeptikal terhadap sesuatu pekerjaan bagi menggelakkan majikan mengimport pekerja asing untuk memenuhi keperluan industri dalam bidang tersebut.

Ujar beliau, setiap pihak tidak sewajarnya membiasakan diri dengan membuat permintaan berlebihan pada permulaan bekerja memandangkan ia akan menggalakkan para majikan mengupah pekerja asing berikutan kemampuan mereka bekerja tanpa syarat yang khusus.

“Hakikatnya, jangan terus-menerus bersikap skeptikal terhadap sesuatu pekerjaan atau memandang rendah kepada sesuatu pekerjaan. Kerana akhirnya semua pekerjaan adalah punca  rezeki dan mampu mengubah hidup kita.

Rasa amat terharu dengan pandangan Datuk Irmohizam. Jika ada yang berkata BN semua pak angguk, Irmo telah buktikan yang anda salah. Syabas Datuk Irmohizam. 
- Kingmaker.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


EMPTY nest! Itu yang dihadapi oleh seramai 538,000 orang daripada 2.4 juta warga emas di Malaysia hasil kajian oleh Lembaga Pembangunan Penduduk dan Keluarga Negara (LPPKN) pada 2010. Tentu jumlahnya semakin bertambah ketika ini.

Saya percaya kalangan yang telah berusia 40 tahun dan ke atas, tentunya sudah mula terfikir bagaimana akan melalui usia-usia emas mereka nanti. Adakah mereka akan mengalami rasa sunyi dan sedih hidup sendirian kerana berjauhan dengan anak (empty nest)? Sekali gus menjadi sebahagian daripada mereka yang akan menambah peratusan daripada 23 peratus pada 2010 itu.

Ini krisis yang sudah dibayangkan walaupun mereka mempunyai anak. Apatah lagi bagi mereka yang tidak mempunyai zuriat sekalipun anak angkat. Atau pernah berkahwin tetapi bercerai dan tidak membela anak yang ada dalam perkahwinan.

Bentuk-bentuk keluarga yang ada pada hari ini memang bermacam-macam, seperti keluarga komuter, `sandwich’ dan touch n go. Sangat ketara bezanya berbanding (sekurang-kurangnya) 30 tahun lalu yang lebih seragam. Perubahan bentuk ini akan melahirkan kepelbagaian latar belakang warga emas pada masa akan datang. Termasuklah status bercerai dan bersendirian hingga akhir hayat.

Bagi yang mempunyai pendidikan dan pemikiran yang lebih terbuka, adalah sesuatu yang rasional untuk mendaftarkan nama sendiri di pusat-pusat jagaan orang tua. Atau sekurang-kurangnya meletakkan perkara berkenaan dalam senarai perancangan jangka panjang. Memang menyedihkan, tetapi realiti ini sudah meniti dalam pemikiran kalangan bakal warga emas.

Ia adalah persediaan supaya ketika meniti hari-hari tua, ada yang menyuap makanan lembut ketika tidak upaya untuk makan dan minum dengan sendiri, apatah lagi untuk menyediakan makanan. Kes seperti hidup sendirian sehingga meninggal dunia tanpa pengetahuan waris atau jiran adalah tragedi yang perlu dielak sama sekali.

Golongan yang menerima ihsan Allah SWT ini tidak seharusnya menempuhi waktu-waktu akhir mereka dengan penderitaan kesunyian dan kesedihan. Setiap diri kita akan melalui pengalaman sebagai insan tua sebelum nyawa berpisah jika Allah SWT mentakdirkan kepada kita usia yang panjang.

Kita dinasihati untuk membuat tabungan dan mencarum dalam takaful demi kelangsungan hidup semasa kita sudah tidak lagi produktif. Walau bagaimanapun, sampai di satu tahap wang tidak akan mampu menjadi alat bantu atau sokongan ketika manusia meniti alam uzurnya.

Yang diperlukannya adalah manusia lain yang mempunyai tenaga yang cukup kuat untuk mengurus jasad yang tua, sakit dan lemah.

Yang paling penting manusia yang menjaga itu perlu mempunyai hati seorang insan. Ini kerana ia akan melakukan tugas-tugas mengurus dan merawat dengan penuh hati-hati dan belas ihsan. Tentunya sangat menyedihkan jika anak yang perlu melakukan tanggungjawab berkenaan melaksanakannya dengan rasa terpaksa. Lebih malang lagi jika anak yang dilahirkan hanya membiarkan orang tuanya tanpa pembelaan dan penjagaan.

Apabila generasi muda dan yang bertenaga tidak mempunyai rasa tanggungjawab terhadap generasi tua, maka generasi tualah yang akan menjadi mangsa keadaan. Senario ini boleh berulang jika manusia tidak dapat melihat penyemaian, penghayatan dan pemupukan nilai-nilai murni dan kekeluargaan sebagai pelaburan yang sangat asas dan penting dalam pembinaan tamadun manusia.

Kita telah melihat tentang pentingnya tabungan bagi memastikan warga emas dapat meneruskan sisa-sisa hidup mereka dengan lancar dan teratur. Kita juga tidak dapat mempertikai bahawa modal insan yang beriman dan berakhlak jiwanya adalah penggerak dan penyokong yang kuat kepada kehidupan warga tua.

Satu perkara lain yang amat penting bagi warga emas adalah tempat mereka berada. Dalam salah satu strategi pelaksanaan Dasar Keluarga Negara, daripada enam strategi yang dirangka, menyebut tentang penyediaan kemudahan sumber dan persekitaran yang mendayaupayakan keluarga. Melalui strategi ini, usaha untuk meningkatkan akses pelbagai sumber dapat dilaksanakan.

Ia dilakukan melalui perkongsian, pertukaran, pengumpulan dan peningkatan pelbagai sumber dengan tujuan untuk mengendalikan program, perkhidmatan dan sistem sokongan serta kemudahan yang bersifat mesra keluarga.

Membincangkan tentang krisis warga emas masa kini dan masa hadapan dengan melihat strategi tersebut, apa yang ada dalam fikiran saya adalah penyediaan tempat berlindung atau pusat jagaan yang istimewa kepada mereka.

Dengan jumlah yang dapat menampung warga emas yang memerlukannya. Bukan sahaja bagi keperluan semasa malah juga untuk masa akan datang menurut kepada andaian jumlah yang munasabah.

Sesuai dengan jangkaan bahawa Malaysia bakal mencapai status negara menua pada tahun 2030. Hanya kira-kira 14 tahun sahaja lagi dari sekarang. Tidak mustahil satu hari nanti ia akan menjadi tempat rehat untuk kita menghabiskan usia kita.

Saya mencadangkan agar di setiap komuniti termasuklah taman-taman perumahan yang hendak diwujudkan, supaya dibina sebuah tempat yang dikhususkan kepada warga emas bagi kemudahan golongan ini dan keluarga mereka.

Ini disekali dengan perancangan pembinaan masjid atau surau, taman permainan atau rekreasi, dan kemudahan-kemudahan lain yang lazimnya ada dalam sesebuah kawasan perumahan.

Semangat kesukarelawanan dan menyayangi warga emas perlu dipupuk dan dipertingkatkan kepada semua orang yang berdiam di atas muka bumi ini. Apa yang kita tanam pada hari ini, itulah yang akan kita tuai pada masa akan datang, dan apabila tiba masanya.

- utusan.


Kejatuhan Singapura kepada Tentera Jepun pada 15 Februari 1942 dianggap sebagai satu kekalahan terbesar dan tamparan hebat dalam sejarah Tentera Darat British dan mungkin kekalahan yang paling teruk yang dialami oleh Britain dalam Perang Dunia Kedua. Kejatuhan Singapura pada tahun 1942 dengan jelas menunjukkan cara Jepun yang pantas menggerakkan ketumbukan tenteranya untuk berjuang di Timur Jauh iaitu gabungan kelajuan dan kekejaman yang hanya berakhir dengan penggunaan bom atom di Hiroshima pada bulan Ogos 1945.

Singapura yang terletak di selatan Semenanjung Tanah Melayu dianggap sebagai bahagian yang penting Empayar British dan kononnya ia tidak boleh ditembusi dan ditanggapi sebagai "Gibraltar di Timur Jauh" ternyata ia hanyalah sebuah mitos kerana akhirnya ia jatuh juga ke tangan tentera Jepun. Serangan Jepun melalui Semenanjung Tanah Melayu telah membuatkan semua orang terkejut dan gerakan ketenteraan Jepun di Tanah Melayu tidak pernah memberi peluang untuk tentera British berkumpul semula dan tentera British telah terperangkap dengan serangan besar-besaran oleh tentera Jepun.

Perang Pasir Panjang Semenjak Rejimen Askar Melayu ditubuhkan pada 1933 ia telah beberapa kali digerakkan ke Singapura sebagai aktiviti latihan untuk didedahkan kepada senario ketenteraan yang banyak diwarnai oleh tentera British yang menjadi mentor kepada mereka di Singapura.

Rejimen Askar Melayu akan sentiasa menjadi nostalgia sejarah kewujudan dunia ketenteraan di Negara ini dan pengorbanan awal mereka dengan jiwa raga telah mencatat keberanian mereka hingga ke titisan darah yang akhir setelah Singapura jatuh ke tangan tentera Jepun.

Pertempuran Pasir Panjang yang berlaku pada 13 hingga 14 Februari 1942, merupakan sebahagian daripada peringkat akhir pencerobohan Empayar Jepun di Singapura semasa Perang Dunia Kedua dan pertempuran itu telah dimulakan oleh Tentera Elit Imperial Jepun bergerak ke arah Pasir Panjang Ridge pada 13 Februari.

Seramai 13,000 tentera Jepun telah membuat pendaratan amfibia di bahagian barat laut Singapura berhampiran Pantai Sarimbun dan bergerak ke selatan ke arah Pasir Panjang dan menawan Lapangan Terbang Tengah. 1 Briged Infantri Malaya, yang terdiri daripada Rejimen British Setia 2 di bawah pegawai pemerintah Leftenan Kolonel Mordaunt Elrington, 1 Malaya Rejimen diperintahkan oleh Leftenan Kolonel JRG Andre, yang terdiri daripada kurang daripada tiga bahagian Platun Mortar, Anti-Pesawat Platun dengan Platun Bren Gun Carrier di bawah Kapten RRC Carter sebagai simpanan.

Askar Melayu ditugaskan untuk mempertahankan kawasan yang berhampiran permatang Pasir Panjang, yang dikenali sebagai 'The Gap' dan Briged India 44 mempertahankan lokasi pada sayap kanan kedudukan mereka. Satu platun Askar Melayu yang terdiri daripada 42 anggota di bawah pemerintah Leftenan Muda Adnan bin Saidi telah dipertanggungjawabkan untuk mempertahankan Bukit Chandu daripada serangan tentera Jepun.

Peperangan pertama antara Rejimen Askar Melayu dan tentera Jepun berlaku pada 13 Februari 1942 dan ketumbukan tenetra Jepun mula menyerang pantai barat daya di sepanjang permatang Pasir Panjang sehinga Jalan Ayer Rajah iaitu Rejimen Infantri 56 Jepun di bawah pemerintah Kolonel Yoshio Nasu yang disokong oleh kuasa senjata meriam menyerang pada waktu pagi.

Salah satu daripada unit yang mempertahankan lokasi adalah Kompeni B Rejimen Melayu yang menerima serangan pasukan Jepun bertalu-talu dengan bantuan senjata berat Jepun iaitu meriam dan kereta kebal dan Jepun memporakperandakan pengunduran kompeni berkenaan.

Dalam pertempuran itu Askar Melayu berjuang dalam pertempuran menggunakan benet menentang Jepun kerana kehabisan peluru dan sebahagian anggota Kompeni B Rejimen Askar Melayu dapat menyelamatkan diri dan setengahnya telah ditawan sebagai tahanan perang Jepun. Pada 14 Februari, Jepun sekali lagi melancarkan serangan berat pada 8.30 pagi, disokong oleh mortar yang kuat dan tembakan meriam, di bahagian hadapan yang dipertahanka oleh Briged Melayu 1.

Pertempuran sengit telah berlaku dan kedua-dua pihak telah mengalami kecederaan dan pada jam 4:00 pagai Jepun melakukan serangan yang disokong oleh kereta-kereta kebal akhirnya berjaya menembusi pertahanan kiri Pasir Panang melalui persimpangan Jalan Ayer Rajah dan Depot dan sepanjang terusan ke Bukit Chermin.

Disebabkan kegagalan unit pada kedua-dua arah 1 Melayu Briged telah berunur i pada 2.30 petang daanKompeni C Askar Melayu telah menerima arahan untuk bergerak ke kedudukan pertahanan yang baru iaitu Bukit Chandu. Bukit Chandu telah dinamakan sempena kilang memproses candu yang terletak di kaki bukit dan ia menjadi tanggungjawab Komponei C Askar Melayu yang bertahan sebagi kiubu terakhir terhadap serangan Jepun.

Tentera Jepun membuat serangan mereka di Bukit Chandu pada waktu petang dengan penipuan berpakain seragam tentera Punjab dan Kompeni C menyaksikan melalui silap mata ini kerana mereka tahu bahawa askar tentera British biasanya berarak di garis tiga manakala askar menyamar dalam empat barisan.

Apabila mereka tiba di garis pertahanan Rejimen Melayu, Skuad Kompeni C melepaskan tembakan adan berjaya membunuh orangtentera Jepun dan jam kemudiannya , Jepun melancarkan serangan habis-habisan banzai dalam jumlah yang besar.

Serangan yang berani oleh Rejimen Melayu diteruskan dan barisan pertahanan dalam swerba kekurangan dokongan logistik seperti kekurangan peluru dan bekalan namun Askar Melayu terus berjuang bersungguh-sungguh menentang kemaraan tentera SJepun.

Kedua-dua pihak yang terlibat dalam pertempuran sengit dengan tangan menggunakan benet dan Lt Adnan bin Saidi yang cedera parah enggan berundur atau menyerah dan sebaliknya menggalakkan Askar Melayu berjuang hingga ketitisan darah yang akhir.

Pertahanan Pasir Panjang musnah di tangan tentera Jepun dan Lt Adnan bin Saidi yang cedera dan tidak dapat melawan dan Jepun berterusan menendang menumbuk dan memukulnya sebelum mengikat dia sebatang pokok ceri dan menikam dia hinga mati.

Itulah saat yang paling tragis dan Askar Melayu terpaksa akur dengan kekalahan dan hero Askar Melayu tidak rela menyerah diri demi matlamat perjuangan dan Perang Pasir Panjang menyaksikan gugurnya ramai perwira daripada Rejimen Askar Melayu semasa Perang Dunia Kedua.

Ramai anggota Askar Melayu yang terkorban semasa Perang Dunia Kedua semasa berjuang mempertahankan Tanah Melayu dan Singapura dari pada serangan Jepun khususnya semasa mempertahankan Singapura pada 12 Februari hingga 14 Februari 1942.

Rejimen Askar Melayu mengalami kehilangan 158 orang pegawai dan anggota yang terbunuh termasuk 6 orang pegawai tenetra British, 7 orang pegawai Melayu dan 145 orang lain-lain pangkat dan ramai ramai lagi yang cedera. Itulah sejarah pahit Askar Melayu yang perlu kita renungkan sebagai lambang “TAAT SETIA’ pasukan kepada perjuangan demi Raja dan Negara.
Tulisan: Ramli Abdul Rahim.

Friday, February 12, 2016



Bagaikan tiada kesudahan malah semakin berleluasa itu yang dapat di gambarkan tentang kemunculan semakin banyak pengemis atau orang papa di negara kita terutama dalam kalangan warga asing.

Isu pengemis ini bukanlah sesuatu yang baru, ia telah lama bertapak di negara kita sejak berpuluh tahun lalu, jika dahulu hanya orang tempatan yang menjadi pengemis tetapi sekarang kegiatan itu kini di kuasai oleh warga asing, sikap pemurah rakyat Malaysia yang suka menderma menyumbang kepada fenomena ini.

Tidak di nafikan bersedakah dan menderma adalah sifat yang mulia dan di tuntut oleh agama, namun biarlah berpada-pada dan kena pada tempatnya jangan sampai ia mengujudkan ruang untuk sang parasit mengambil peluang dan kesempatan atas kebaikkan kita.

Percaya atau tidak seoarang pengemis di Kuala Lumpur mampu meraih pendapatan lumayan mencecah ribuan ringgit sebulan malah sindikit yang mengawal pengemis-pengemis ini turut hidup mewah hasil memerah keringat pengemis.

Paling kesihan adalah gulungan lemah yang di ekplotasikan seperti warga emas, orang kurang upaya, kanak-kanak dan bayi, kelompok ini sering di peralatkan oleh sindikit tertentu yang memaksa mereka mengemis di jalanan.

Pelbagai kaedah dan cara digunakan bagi meraih simpati orang ramai, terbaru mereka semakin berani meminta wang daripada pemandu kenderaan yang berhenti di lampu isyarat, perbuatan yang lazimnya kita lihat di negara-negara seperti India dan Indonesia itu kini semakin menjadi-jadi di Malaysia.

Lebih malang apabila ada yang mendakwa kanak-kanak dan bayi pengemis diberikan dadah dan alkohol untuk menjadikan mereka tidak aktif, dakwaan itu mungkin ada benarnya, sebagai masyarakat yang pihatin kita sepatutnya melaporkan keadaan itu kepada berkuasa untuk menjalankan siasatan.

Tindakan kita mungkin boleh menyelamatkan kanak-kanak malang berkenaan.

Yang pasti kehadiran pengemis warga asing yang berkeliaran di kawasan tumpuan utama menimbulkan rasa gelisah dan kegusaran dalam kalangan masyarakat dan pelancung, jika tidak di bendung segera dikhuatiri satu masa nanti negara kita akan menjadi lokasi utama golngan pengemis dari serata dunia.

Sudah tiba masanya masyarakat di didik supaya menyampaikan sumbangan terus kepada rumah-rumah anak yatim, pertubuhan bukan kerajaan dan rumah-rumah beribadah berdaftar dan bukannya kepada pengemis jalanan.

Masyarakatlah yang harus memainkan peranan jika tiada yang memberi tiadalah yang berani meminta.


Thursday, February 4, 2016


Datuk Seri Mukhriz Mahathir’s (pic) experience in the Kedah political crisis shows that the party is always bigger than the individual, no matter how famous the person or his family may be.

DATUK Seri Mukhriz Mahathir kept his composure throughout his last day as Kedah Mentri Besar.

The smile did not leave his face, not even when several of the staff broke down as he said goodbye to them.

He gave a brief speech to them and then headed to the conference room where the press was waiting for him.

The end had finally come after weeks of big-time politics intertwined with Palace intrigue.

Mukhriz had held on for as long as he could after the Kedah Umno leaders mutinied against him.

But deep in his heart, he must have known there was no way a mentri besar could survive, especially in a state like Kedah, without the support of the Federal leadership.

His brief and defiant fight to stay on had been possible because he is said to enjoy the support of one of the three members of the Regency Council tasked with making the final decision of the change of mentri besar.

Had he persisted, he would not even be able to chair a state exco meeting because he no longer had a quorum after one of the three exco members who were with him jumped ship.

His own ship sank on Tuesday afternoon when it became clear that the group against him had 18 assemblymen against three from his camp and 15 opposition assemblymen.

Kedah has 36 seats which meant that it was a hung situation of 18 versus 18.

The Speaker of the state assembly stepped in and cast his lot with the group that wanted Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah and it was all over for Mukhriz.

He finally agreed to resign at about 6.30pm on Tuesday. Even then, it was not until 11pm that the Regency Council finally came around to accepting Ahmad Bashah as the next mentri besar.

As Mukhriz prepared to face the media yesterday, he turned to state exco member Datuk Suraya Yaacob and said: “Suraya, you can leave if you want to, this will not be good for you.”

But Suraya and exco member Datuk Aminuddin Omar, the only two still with him, stayed on.

Mukhriz delivered a blistering statement to say his ouster came because he criticised the Prime Minister on the 1MDB issue.

But truth be told, that was only a part of his problems. Mukhriz had a good people image and got off to a good start in 2013. He was able to say and do the right things.

He also played his part as the Islamic leader, donning a jubah and giving funds tosekolah pondokthat are a part of Kedah politics.

However, by his second year, the political grapevine was going on that he was a “part-time MB” who spent more time in Kuala Lumpur than Alor Setar.

Some of them labelled him a “billboard MB” because they only got to see him on billboards in the town.

He did not put enough time into party work and was unable to work with the Kedah party leaders.

One thing led to another and, finally, there was the political mutiny.

His glamorous wife Datin Seri Norzieta Zakaria, who continued to live in Kuala Lumpur, only started to look for a house to rent in Alor Setar the last few weeks but it was too late.

Mukhriz had lived in Seri Mentaloon, the official Mentri Besar residence.

He was the first mentri besar to do so and it was brave of him because there have been all sorts of spooky stories of spirits and demons in the grand colonial mansion.

It was not a lucky abode given the way things turned out.

Mukhriz’s argument that he would not step down because he has the people’s support does not really hold water.

If that was the case, PKR’s Tan Sri Khalid Ibrahim would still be Selangor mentri besar today.

The reality is that the party put him there as the mentri besar and if the party pulls out its support, his position as mentri besar becomes shaky.

In his case, he had lost the support of not only the Umno warlords in Kedah but also his own party president.

Tun Dr Siti Hasmah Mohd Ali, who flew in from Kuala Lumpur, was waiting for Mukhriz when he arrived at their old family home in Titi Gajah where friends and supporters had gathered.

It was quite an emotional moment when his mother consoled him with a hug.

The “big M”, as some Kedah reporters call Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad, was not around but he later let go another scathing blog attack on the 1MDB issue.

Mukhriz had not told his family about the resignation and Dr Siti Hasmah apparently learnt about it only on Wednesday morning and phoned his staff for details.

The odd man out at the house was PAS MP for Pokok Sena Datuk Mahfuz Omar who seems to be trying to jump on any bandwagon available.

Umno members think he is seeking cheap publicity because he has been trying to be photographed alongside Mukhriz.

Suraya was also at the Titi Gajah house but only for a while.

The Prime Minister’s officers had blasted her: “You are here, you are there, you bang us from the front, from the back. What is going on with you?”

Suraya, who is a lawyer with connections to the Kedah Palace, said she wanted to do the right thing.

She said she had nothing personal against Ahmad Bashah. They are quite close and she had introduced Ahmad Bashah’s daughter to her future husband, a Pakistani, when the two families went for the umrah several years ago.

“I knew Mukhriz could not survive long. He never pressured me to support him, I did it because I felt it was the right thing. I never attended any of his gatherings or demonstrations, I did not go to his house to show support,” said Suraya.

Yesterday as Suraya left the Titi Gajah house, she told Mukhriz: “Thank you boss. I won’t be at the airport to send you off. My duty is done.”

Mukhriz, his mum and wife left Alor Setar for home via a Firefly flight at about 4.15pm yesterday. The journey ends here – for now.

- Malaysia Today.


Negeri Kedah jelapang padi
Hijau kuning cukup hebat
Kecoh politik menjadi jadi
Habih rakyat pening lalat

Kuah rojak resepi Mak Bee
Daun palas buat ketupat
Berebut kerusi nak jadi MB
Kita tengok sapa yg dapat

Kerusi empuk wisma negeri
Pakat dok idam nak pi
Sorang ada title degre
Sorang lagi cuma SRP 

Ada sijil walau SRP
Ada degree belum tentu ori
Rakyat kalut dalam wasap dan fb
Pakat cerita reka sendiri

Bakaq bata, aloq semadom
Jerlun, dulu bawah langkawi
Raja panggil jumpa adun
Nak pasti ada sokongan tak lagi

Orang kedah banyak lori
Utk isi beras dan padi
Raja bijak memang bestari
Buat keputusan rakyat puashati

Menara Aloq Staq memang gayat
Gayat2 pun ramai yang panjat
Mukhriz pemimpin berjiwa rakyat
Md Bashah pemimpin peringkat pusat

Makan nasi gulai seratik
Kopi janda cukup berhantu
Suka duka dlm politik
Takdir tuhan adalah penentu

Buah nyok banyak santan
Makan pulut dgn ubi
Mukhriz kalah letak jawatan
Bashah naik jd MB

Pergi mendaki gunung senyum
Buka mulut tak dak gigi
Rakyat kedah boleh senyum
MB baru belajaq tak tinggi

Bawa senapang pi berburu
Dalam hutan kena hati2
Syabas dan tahniah MB baru
Tunggu PRU rakyat nak uji.



Wednesday, February 3, 2016


ALOR SETAR, 25 Jan -- Reaksi Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan UMNO Kedah Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah merangkap Anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (ADUN) Bakar Bata pada sidang media bersama BERNAMA di Pusat Khidmat ADUN Bakar Bata hari ini.  --fotoBERNAMA (2016) HAK CIPTA TERPELIHARA

Datuk Seri Ahmad Bashah Md Hanipah merupakan watak penting kejayaan Umno dan Barisan Nasional (BN) merampas semula Kedah daripada pakatan pembangkang pada Pilihan Raya Umum ke-13 (PRU13).

Ahmad Bashah, 66, yang dikenali sebagai pemimpin yang “low profile,” merupakan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno dan Pengerusi BN Kedah yang berjaya menyatukan pimpinan Umno dan BN negeri serta menguatkan semula parti sehingga BN memperoleh 21 kerusi daripada 36 kerusi Dewan Undangan Negeri (DUN) pada 2013.

Beliau merupakan antara pemimpin Umno negeri yang paling kanan apabila menjadi anggota Dewan Undangan Negeri (Adun) Bakar Bata (dahulu Alor Merah) untuk lima penggal sejak 1995.

Berakhirnya PRU-13, Ahmad Bashah membuktikan kesetiaan kepada parti apabila memberi laluan kepada timbalannya Datuk Seri Mukhriz Tun Dr Mahathir untuk menerajui tampuk kepimpinan kerajaan negeri.

Dalam pengumuman kabinet kerajaan Persekutuan selepas PRU13, Perdana Menteri Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak melantik Ahmad Bashah sebagai Senator dan Timbalan Menteri Perdagangan Dalam Negeri, Koperasi dan Kepenggunaan.

Dua bulan selepas PRU13, Ahmad Bashah sekali lagi membuktikan kesetiaan beliau kepada parti apabila kali ini memberi laluan kepada Mukhriz menjadi Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Negeri, dengan beliau turun pangkat sebagai timbalannya pula.

Dilahirkan pada 10 Okt 1950, beliau memegang pelbagai jawatan sepanjang pembabitannya dalam dunia politik lebih 40 tahun, antaranya Ketua Pemuda Umno Bahagian Alor Setar, Naib Ketua Pemuda Umno Negeri, Ketua Umno Bahagian Alor Setar, Bendahari Umno negeri dan Bendahari BN negeri.

Selepas BN dan Umno kalah pada PRU12 iaitu pada 2008, Umno Kedah dirombak dan beliau dilantik sebagai Timbalan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno Negeri Kedah mulai 24 April 2009 bagi membantu Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal selaku Pengerusi.

Beliau kemudian dilantik sebagai Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno dan Pengerusi BN negeri pada 1 Jan 2011, manakala Mukhriz sebagai Timbalannya.

Selain berpengalaman luas dalam bidang politik, beliau turut berpengalaman dalam pentadbiran kerajaan apabila menjadi Exco selama dua penggal sejak 1999 dengan memegang portfolio Perumahan dan Kerajaan Tempatan.

Apabila tsunami politik melanda pada 2008 menyebabkan BN gagal untuk terus menguasai Kedah, Ahmad Bashah masih mempertahankan kerusi DUN Bakar Bata dengan menewaskan calon Parti Keadilan Rakyat (PKR) Rohani Bakar dengan majoriti 358 undi.

Pada PRU13 yang lalu, Ahmad Bashah sekali lagi membuktikan pengundi masih percayakan beliau apabila menang dengan majoriti 895 undi mengatasi calon PKR Mohd Eekmal Ahmad dan calon Parti Bersatu Sasa (Bersama) Jawahae Raja Abdul Wahid.

Beliau berkahwin dengan Datin Seri Hizam Awang Ahmad dan dikurniakan empat puteri.

Sejak 20 Jan lepas, nama Ahmad Bashah menjadi sebutan ramai apabila mengetuai sebahagian besar Adun, anggota Parlimen dan ketua Umno Bahagian di Kedah menzahirkan ketidakpercayaan terhadap kepimpinan Mukhriz sebagai menteri besar dan Pengerusi Badan Perhubungan Umno negeri.

- Bernama.

Monday, February 1, 2016



Clearly it is not what the opposition thinks of the Prime Minister of Malaysia or what the scribes at the Malaysian Insider, Bersih, the Malaysian Bar, The Wall Street Journal or even the ABC in Australia has to say about Najib Razak that matters. It is what the facts independent of each of these groups reveal that matters.

No law was ever broken with the receipt of funds into the Prime Minister’s account as alleged by the opposition that the opposition and their allies could cite. The money did not come from 1MDB. Those allegations by critics of government and the Prime Minister in particular have not only failed the opposition but also their constituencies.

In desperation and in a display of abject ignorance of the law and politics, the Malaysian Bar and its allies in the opposition including Bersih went to town with the so called 1MDB affair. They were ably assisted by Claire Rewcastle Brown aided and abetted by elements within the British government to slander and to smear the Prime Minister Najib Razak in the process.

So much for the opposition’s knowledge of geopolitics and the law. So much for Bersih’s knowledge of the immensely powerful nation of Saudi Arabia and the spread of its tentacles in the region.  One wonders now if the time is now finally right for a fightback, a payback to put behind bars those players in the oppositions campaign of destabilization of the country.

The Saudis have been entrenched in the business and politics of Malaysia since the Tengku Abdul Rahman Malaysia’s first Prime Minister. He welcomed them into Malaysia in exchange for a large personal ‘donation’ (gift) to his personal account by the late King Faisal of Saudi Arabia. Their involvement and their influence in Malaysia has been subtle and largely unnoticed because of the way in which the Saudis prefer to operate; by stealth. Unlike the Chinese, the Saudis are not ostentatious. They are discreet. Very discreet.

Not long after that the Tengku Abdul Rahman was made President of the Islamic Development Bank a bank financed by the Saudis and other oil rich Islamic states. Britain and the US had encouraged that relationship between the Tengku, the Arabs and Faisal but for strategic reasons and not for the spread of Islam. 

The Saudi royals have always been captive of the west ever since oil was discovered in the kingdom. Very little of what the Saudis do escapes the eye of the US and British intelligence apparatus. It was the US with Britain and France that after all put the present Saudi royal family and their children where they are.

The Saudis have also been an indirect funder of the many NGO’s operating in Malaysia and in places like Egypt, the former Yugoslavia, the Philippines, Indonesia and the Ukraine. 

One merely has to research the Iran Contra Affair to understand the dynamics of the intertwined interests of the US, the UK, Israel, France and Saudi Arabia in order to understand the generosity of a player such as the cashed up Saudi Royal Family in international politics.  That includes channeling money the US and the west is otherwise unable to directly pay to their minions like Bersih and their associates in Malaysia, the Tahrir square rebels in Egypt and the anti Assad forces in Syria.

In short, Bersih, Sisters in Islam, the PKR, PAS, the Christian evangelical churches and yes the Vatican’s representatives in Malaysia through various organizations, donations and alliances are recipients of Saudi money in one form or the other.

Several Sultans of Malaysia have also been recipients of the largess of the Saudi royal family over the years which they have not disclosed. Such gifts require no accounting or disclosure to the Malaysian public but to the consciences of the recipients and to God as it goes.

This has nothing to do with religion or politics per se according to a political analyst from the Brookings Institute. It is all about interests.

Before the 2013 elections we wrote a piece on Wahhabi and radical Islam’s support for PKR and Anwar Ibrahims crusade parading as a democratic alternative to government in Malaysia. The opposition and elements of the Malaysian Bar scoffed at us and poured scorn at our claims.

The BBC report below now sheds light on the facts of the $681 million payment. Notably it also allows the Wall Street Journal to withdraw saving some face in a feeble statement they include quoting a Wall Street Journal source about the affair. Well we can’t expect anything more from the Wall Street Journal.

The below article contains extracts of the BBC’s recent comments and report on the outcome of the Malaysian Attorney General’s decision not to prosecute the Prime Minister of Malaysia (which in any event would have required impeachments proceedings against him first if there was prima facie evidence of any wrong doing as alleged against him).

Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah personally authorized a $681 million payment to Malaysian Prime Minister Najib Razak, the BBC has reported. 

Malaysia’s attorney general revealed on Tuesday that the early-2013 payment, the subject of months of speculation, had come from the Saudi royal family and involved no corruption or improper conduct. Malaysia’s prime minister had previously said that the cash was a private donation from a Middle Eastern donor that he declined to name. 

Tuesday’s revelation was the latest twist in a long-running political scandal around Najib and the country’s ailing sovereign wealth fund Malaysia Development Berhad (1MDB), the advisory board of which the prime minister leads. 

On Wednesday the BBC reported that the cash – $620 million of which was returned to the donor a few months later – was paid by Saudi Arabia to Najib to help the prime minister win 2013 elections at a time when the Saudis were worried about the global influence of the Muslim Brotherhood.

At the time, the BBC said, Malaysia’s opposition alliance included the Pan-Malaysian Islamic Party, which was loosely inspired by the Muslim Brotherhood.

A “well-placed Saudi source” told the BBC that the payment had been authorized by King Abdullah, and the funds came from his personal wealth as well as state funds. 

Meanwhile, the Wall Street Journal, which first revealed in July the large payment to Najib’s personal bank account, but said at the time that the cash came via troubled fund 1MDB, reported on Wednesday that the Saudi ministries of foreign affairs and finance had no knowledge of the payment. 

And while the BBC wrote that it was not unusual for Saudi Arabia to fund foreign governments in pursuit of its own interests, the WSJ reported that it was told by an unnamed Saudi official that “a royal donation to the personal bank account of a foreign leader would be unprecedented.” 

The U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, as well as other government agencies outside Malaysia, are still investigating the payment, the WSJ reported. Malaysia’s attorney general said on Tuesday that he had told the country’s own anti-corruption body to drop its probe into the money transfer. 

The $681m (£479m) deposited in the bank account of Malaysian PM Najib Razak by Saudi Arabia was to help him win the 2013 elections, a Saudi source says.

The donation was made amid concerns in Riyadh over the growing influence of the Muslim Brotherhood and other forms of Islamic extremism extending to places such as Malaysia.

Anwar Ibrahim and organizations such as Bersih have unwittingly been a party to paving the way for the Brotherhood and other extremists organizations promoting undemocratic and theocratic government’s in the middle east, Malaysia and beyond.

The Muslim Brotherhood with its more sophisticated organizational structures havs been known to successfully penetrate street political groups like the Tahrir Square anti Mubarak coalition; And these street groups much like Bersih, engage in the mayhem they create, they provide a Trojan Horse in the ensuing chaos for other more sinister and extreme radical groups like ISIS (Daesh or the Caliphate) to thrive and muster in their midst.

Malaysia’s attorney general has on the face of the evidence before him correctly cleared Prime Minister Najib Razak of any allegation of corruption on 26 January 2016, The AG’s decision follows an intensive investigation into allegations of corruption over receipt of $681 in an account associated with the Prime Minister as has been alleged. In so doing he is confirming and acknowledging that the money was in fact as claimed by the Prime Minister to be a donation from the Saudi royal family.There was no breach of any local laws of Malaysia.

Seeing as nothing illegal had occurred, there was no reason or obligation on the part of the Prime Minister to respond to the many allegations hurled at him as also there was no further reason for the Attorney General to pursue the allegations against the Prime Minister in this regard. 

Pressure on the MACC (Malaysian Anti Corruption Commission) to pursue the AG as well as the Prime Minister appears to be bluster, capricious and a red herring considering that the MACC’s investigations on all the ‘evidence’ when held up against the law takes them nowhere. 

The MACC is being ill advised either internally or by their external legal advisors if they chose to continue to pursue this affair in light of the best evidence there is available. This being the acknowledgment by the Saudi Royal family of a donation by them on the authorization of king Abdullah to the Malaysian Prime Minister. 

There is no law the MACC, the AG or the opposition groups in Malaysia are able to cite that has been broken, let alone broken by the Prime Minister. The MACC’s mandate does not permit them or allow them to persecute any official. They have to act on the basis of the law and the particular legislation that governs their existence, their duties and their powers.

The allegations by Malaysia’s opposition and one of its former prime minister’s Dr. Mahathir Mohamed charged that the Prime Minister had in their view illegally channeled money from the sovereign fund 1MDB to his personal uses. Even if that money came to the Prime Minister via the 1MDB fund, the commingling of these monies with 1MDB monies is what the AG or MACC have to sort out. And in such circumstances the fault lies with whoever paid the money into the account unless any monies taken out of 1MDB (if it is proved to be the case) was taken out without proper accounting procedures being followed in the process. And even then it does not amount to the offence of corruption!

The PAS party one of Malaysia’s coalition of opposition groups which includes Bersih, the Malaysian Bar and Parti Keadilan Rakyat (the Parti of the family of Anwar Ibrahim counts the Brotherhood as a source of their inspiration) raised the allegations against the Prime Minister and continued relentlessly relying on the Wall Street Journal’s report allegedly supporting their allegations.

The Wall Street Journal now suggests otherwise.

A well-placed Saudi source, on the condition of anonymity, told the BBC the payment was authorised from the very top – from Saudi Arabia’s late King Abdullah – with funds coming from both his personal finances and state funds. 

Observers of Saudi Arabia’s politics will no doubt remember the very large amounts in billions given to President El Sisi in Egypt as a reward by the Saudi royals to El Sisi for the overthrow of the democratically elected Brotherhood government 2 years ago. 

King Abdullah is also the man seen in the youtube recording of the Organization of Islamic States meeting in which he threatens to “end” Muamar Gadhafi’s reign. Many commentators credit King Abdullah and his hundreds of billions for the eventual over throw and execution of Libyan leader Muammar Gadhafi.

The purpose of the donation was simple, said the Saudi source – it was to help Mr Najib and his coalition win the election, employing a strategic communications team with international experience, focusing on the province of Sarawak, and funding social programmes through party campaigning.

Clare Rewcastle Brown, who has reported extensively on the issue for the Sarawak Report said the claim that the payment to Mr Najib was a Saudi royal donation for political purposes needed to be treated “with considerable caution”.

Notably Rewcastle Brown has apart from toning down her rhetoric in this regard, has not proved any of her assertions and far fetched claims on any issue before. There are allegations that Rewcastle Brown herself has been involved in soliciting and making illicit payments to third parties for improper purposes to set up the Prime Minister of Malaysia. - Gopal Raj Kumar.


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