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Should Anwar accept the olive branch offered by his tormentor Mahathir?
Should Anwar accept the olive branch offered by his tormentor Mahathir?

Many have penned tediously on former premier Mahathir Mohamad’s ‘golden’ handshake with his former deputy Anwar Ibrahim in Kuala Lumpur High Court.

Pro-Barisan Nasional (BN) writers were brushing it aside as insignificant, irrelevant and an act of desperado by Mahathir to court his former nemesis to help him to resuscitate his son, Mukhriz’s weakening political career.

Those pro-opposition writers, commonly known as ‘Pakatuns’, are praising the “arranged meeting” (just to quote Azmin Ali) as if it was a watershed in Malaysian political history.

Pakatuns claimed that BN, Umno and Prime Minister Najib Razak were left trembling in their knees after seeing Mahathir chatting with Anwar.

Some Pakatuns already declared that the ‘historical’ four-eyed court meet would hammer the death knell on BN in the 14thGeneral Election (GE14).

Mahathir has said he had no issue in working with Anwar to achieve his political objectives as how he had “no issue” to work with his once staunchest critic Lim Kit Siang.

Well once Mahathir said Kit Siang and his party DAP were racist and anti-Malay.

But now all that have been forgiven and forgotten, either because Mahathir thought he was wrong with his previous damning statement on Kit Siang and DAP, or because Kit Siang and DAP were now suddenly no more “racist and anti-Malay.”

For Kit Siang, perhaps the “authoritarian and dictator” Mahathir is now an old story.

So Mahathir and Kit Siang, two grand old men of Malaysian politics, decided to set aside their differences and tie the knot of a marriage of convenience for a fictional cause called ‘Save Malaysia.’

The so-called ‘Save Malaysia’ campaign is actually all about kicking out BN, Umno and Prime Minister Najib Razak, and making Mukhriz Mahathir the next Malaysian premier, said some critics.

Mahathir-Anwar fallout that happened 18 years ago is well documented.

Mahathir made belief the world that he was grooming Anwar as his heir apparent when it was not.

Anwar was just a whisker away from capturing the coveted prime minister hot seat when Mahathir got rid of him within days in September 1998.

Mahathir first dismissed Anwar from his Cabinet and Umno in early September then detained him a few weeks later.

Anwar was then charged for abuse of power and sodomy, found guilty and jailed.

All these vicious damages on Anwar’s political career were done by Mahathir and his henchmen , not Umno or BN or even Najib.

Anwar is today an opposition icon because of Mahathir, not Umno or BN or Najib.

Or else Anwar would be sitting in Putrajaya as the prime minister, not as a convict in Sungai Buloh prison.

The four-eyed court meet.
The four-eyed court meet.

Many Pakatuns have this notion that while Mahathir was the mastermind behind Anwar’s Sodomy I case, Najib was the engineer for his current Sodomy II conviction.

Malaysia Today said that was far from truth.

Writer Raja Petra Kamarudin, better known as RPK, wrote in his column recently that it was Mahathir, not Najib, behind both sodomy cases.

Well it’s for Mahathir to refute these claims since the standard of rule of law, based on the Najib-1MDB saga, applied by Mahathir and Pakatuns is “one is guilty until one proves one’s innocence.”

Until Mahathir does so, we have to assume RPK was telling the truth.

Anwar is said wanted to rejoin Umno after he was released from Sodomy I imprisonment in 2006.

But, said a source then Umno president and Prime Minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi’s proposal to accept Anwar was shot down by certain party supreme council members, apparently linked to Mahathir.

Well! Let Mahathir refute this too.

Arguably Anwar has been the biggest maltreated casualty under Mahathir’s ferocious political numeracy.

Mahathir, not Najib, destroyed Anwar’s political career in Umno and BN, and forced him to become an opposition leader.

Mahathir not only decimated Anwar politically in the ruling party, but also filched Anwar’s personal liberty by putting him behind bars.

Not only that. Anwar’s family too suffered.

It was not Anwar’s design but Mahathir’s scheme.

Mahathir - Anwar
Mahathir and Anwar during the good old days.

One can’t help but wonder what possible reason or reasons Anwar would have to accept the olive branch offered by his tormentor to accomplish the mission to knock BN of its perch in Putrajaya.

Until today, Mahathir has never been apologetic, albeit publicly, for all his villainous acts to destroy Anwar’s political career in Umno and, his personal and family life.

Why should Anwar link up with Mahathir to destroy Umno and BN?

Why should Anwar destroy Umno and BN anyway?

Surely Anwar is not that ignoramus person, even though Pakatuns are mostly dunces, dullards and dolts, to not to realise that Mahathir was and will always be his slayer.

So if Anwar decided to close ranks and join hands to form a formidable force, then he should actually tie up with Umno and BN to finish off Mahathir and company once for all.

Now that would be the prefect political murder.

Then we can save Malaysia.

What will be Anwar’s next move?

That would be a subject of passionate speculations in weeks to come.

What ever Anwar’s next move it will surely a long way to shape GE14.

What ever he does, it should be good for Malaysians as a whole.

Anwar has a good chance to become a statesman in the current political scenario.

He shall not waste it with a fatal wrong move.

Wisdom should prevail over opportunism …

By: Malaysia Outlook.


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