Friday, October 7, 2016


Presumably Anwar Ibrahim sent this message from Sg Buloh, that any coalition (which I believe to be Mahathir's Pribumi) wishing to negotiate with Pakatan to form a grand coailition to battle Najib's BN, must first settle its negotiation with PAS.

Anwar is of course still the putative head of Pakatan, an indication that the DAP recognizes:

(a) Anwar the leader of Pakatan as the future PM who must be a Malay, which the DAP have (Malay members) but who lack the political reputation or prominence of Anwar or Mahathir or Ku Li,

(b) Anwar has the skill and experience to lead a winning coalition into government, and

(c) Anwar is far trustworthy than any trust it could (ever?) placed on Mahathir, Azmin or the worst, Moody [Ku Li would have been reasonably acceptable but he is still in BN].

But Nasrudin Hasan the PAS ulama, who has been virulently against Valentine's Day, New Year and other celebrations because he asserted they have been 'breeding' season (of illegitimate children) stemming from wild sex orgies, has told political parties wishing to team up with PAS (eg. Pribumi, PKR) to abandon DAP if they wish to enter into a political alliance with the Islamist party.

So. we hope PKR will let us know soon of its decision.

MM Online reportedAccording to PAS, it is time for the country’s oldest opposition party to “lead the change” in the country, and every party is invited to join its own coalition, Gagasan Sejahtera, as long as they respect PAS’s principles and its Islamic struggles.

... so long as they don't kawan with DAP ... wakakaka ... so c'mon Azmin, don't stand on two boats with a leg on each even though your party is used to kangkang situation.

But what will be the situation if Anwar remains unavailable, maybe still in prison or incapacitated due to heath? Who represent future or potential leaders for Pakatan in which the DAP continues to be a member? And please forget about Wan Azizah.

Let's leave Mukhriz out as he's only his father's son, where without Senior he's nobody (wakakaka, hope I don't swallow my words one day).

Let's also leave out the oldies like 91-year olds, Moody (too low brow) or even Ku Li who though he announced his wish to retire, but really never take such announcements by senior crafty politicians seriously, is equally old.

Let's look at younger ones (meaning 50 to 60's included, wakakaka - but seriously I don't want a PM who is only 30-something - hmm, 45+ should be OK). In my opinion, this leaves us with:

1st Tier (Now)

Azmin Ali (too untrustworthy - remember, it's my personal opinion, wakakaka)

Mat Sabu (mild bouquet of religion - 'bouquet' as in wine, wakakaka, meaning 'a whiff')

Saifuddin Abdullah (OK, in fact I like him, but too gentle - PMs would have to be a bit ruthless, though we have had those who were more than a bit ruthless, wakakaka)

Khalid Samad (moderate bouquet of religion)

Dzelkefly Ahmad (I admire him but moderate bouquet of religion)

Ahmad Sabri (Sakmongkol AK47) (a DAP pollie so may be a disadvantage for him)

2nd Tier (Future generation)

Nurul Izzah Anwar (strong potential unless sabotaged by someone above, wakakaka)

Zairil Khir (Chinese blood disadvantage; if mamak-korean blood like Nurul should be OK)

Mohd Hanipa Maidin (I like him but he like all Amanah pollies has the bouquet of religion)

If Amanah were to discard its religious ideology (alas, an impossibility) I would support it 100% as there are some fine intellectuals in the party like Dzelkefly and Hanipa.

I would find difficulty in supporting any religion-based party (PAS, Amanah, Hindraf) or any politician (so watch it, Hannah Yeoh and Nga Kok Ming) who brings religion into politics.

This is different from a politician being a staunch A-religion or B-religion or C-religion, so long as that pollie keeps his or her religion as a personal matter and doesn't allowed the personal religion to govern/rule  his or her political decision or say 'hallelujah' or 'god is great' etc in his/her political speeches.

I strongly advocate separation of state from church.

But the point is no Chinese can be PM until at least 50 (if not 100) years have passed and UMNO and PAS and their Malay-ketuanan doctrine have been discarded by the Malays (wakakaka, Chinese and Indians have already discarded it).
- KK.

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