Sunday, October 16, 2016


Certainly by now, Dr Mahathir has received confirmation from his close association, non other than Azmin Ali who normally accompanied Sultan Selangor, that the recent meeting of the Conference of Rulers have decided to turn down his personal request to replace PM Najib Razak. It was said that it was almost a straight nay when only one out of nine rulers agreed.

Dr Mahathir ran his series of Citizens’ Declaration campaign to call for institutional reforms and above all is to remove Prime Minister Najib Razak. He even went to the extend to make a fuss and accused that the government had placed the Yang di-Pertuan Agong and other Rulers under house arrest to prevent them from receiving his claimed 1.4 million signatures.

Eventually, he was granted to seek audience at the Istana Anak Bukit in Kedah but all we could see Dr Mahathir brought along with him is a just a piece of envelope wtih 45 opposition leaders signatures who supported his campaign. The meet lasted for an hour or so and it is very unusual when there was no prompt follow-up response from him which could be easily concluded to be another disappointment to his staunch supporters.

His campaign to demand our Malay Rulers intervention did not stop at the ‘house arrest’ accusation but Dr Mahathir also tried to gain sympathy with his public apology for amending the Federal Constitution to curtail the role of the Yang di-Pertuan Agong in legalising of an Act of Parliament. Unfortunately, it was not well received by the people when they regarded it as his attempt to appease His Highness after his wild accusation on the house arrest. What is even worst when the rakyat took it as Dr Mahathir’s hypocrisy and left with a big question, WHY NOW?

Everyone should understand that our Malay Rulers are above politics and they are supposed to be neutral to any political party. Therefore when Dr Mahathir was granted audience with His Majesty, he was representing a political party and that was his first mistake. A statement issued from Prime Minister’s stated it very clear that His Majesty would not in any way interfere with PPBM’s internal affairs and the party’s declaration is even unconstitutional.

No matter how determined Dr Mahathir’s supporters attempted to doubt and spinned PMO’s statement, before the recent Rulers Conference took place, Dr Mahathir admitted his failure to convince His Majesty. The royal audience with His Majesty is official and to discuss his party internal affairs is definitely improper. Without any substantial explanations, instead Dr Mahathir chooses to question His Majesty’s refusal and as though the King should be blamed.

Any laymen would put fault on the King as Dr Mahathir would just respond with a simple… Why? I don’t know. Such naive statement is obvious to create ill-intentions to his supporters when in actual, Dr Mahathir knew that he would fail and to drag our Rulers into political turmoil is totally out of the question.

To Dr Mahathir’s Citizen Declaration supporters, perhaps they need to know that PMO’s earlier statement is now justified and the message from His Highness is clear and truthful.

Dissatisfaction with Dr Mahathir’s attempt to drag Tuanku is now their least subject but stirring agitation among the public should be continued. For that, his next attempt is to throw the idea of the King is given the leverage to dismiss a Prime Minister. The so called ‘legal experts’ has started to put forth a certain provisions in the constitution. A more preposterous suggestion is for the Conference of Rulers to challenge in the Federal Court to restore their powers which were earlier dismissed by Dr Mahathir in 1994.

Failing to convince the King, Dr Mahathir is now appealing to the Conference of Rulers citing that the States Rulers could advice the King to either dismiss or replace PM Najib but he has forgotten when he is the Prime Minister who revoked the King’s absolute power and today, such provisions did not appear anymore in the Constitution.

To Dr Mahathir’s simple calculation is when the King is given the right to appoint and he is also given the right to terminate the Prime Minister. What Dr Mahathir purposely did not elaborate what contained in Article 43 Clause 2 of the Constitution, that when the King appoints a Prime Minister, it is thus subject to the prerequisite condition to be met first, that is the candidate has had the majority of the members in Dewan Rakyat. Therefore, the same procedure applies when there is a need to dismiss a Prime Minister.

It is truly contradictory to what was suggested by Dr Mahathir and his so called expert lawyers that the King is empowered arbitrarily to dismiss a prime minister even with the Conference of Rulers advice.

Thus, in the recent meet of the Conference of Rulers to dismiss Dr Mahathir’s request by 8 yeah to 1 nay, this has certainly cleared all the confusions that was deliberately created by Dr Mahathir. He knew that his efforts are futile but what interests him most is the public’s negative perception towards our King and State Rulers that they are against the rakyat wishes.

So what is next?

By: Ben Harris.



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