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Previous Second Finance Minister Ahmad Husni Hanadzlah knows that it is already dusk and the darkness of the night will soon be closing in on him and engulf him forever. Malays call this Maghrib sudah tiba dan Isyak menjelang (and the time between Maghrib and Isyak is so short) or dunia kata pergi, kubur kata mari.

But then, as they say, a drowning man will clutch at straw in the hope of staying alive. So we must not fault Husni for clinging to what little help he can get in this game of hope. After all, this is what Pakatan Harapan is all about: a pact based on hope. As they say in law, all you need to do is to create doubt. You do not need to prove your innocence. The accuser (or prosecutor) needs to prove your guilt. And Husni hopes that this will give him an extension on his political life and that he need not pack it in just yet.

So this is the game that Husni is playing. He is creating doubt in the hope that the public gives him the benefit of the doubt. After all, if Bill Clinton can survive the Monica Lewinsky scandal then surely he can survive this scandal as well. And the way he is creating doubt is the same way as how Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail created doubt regarding the many allegations against Anwar Ibrahim. Dr Wan Azizah covered Anwar’s back even though she knows he is guilty like hell. Husni’s wife, too, is doing the same for her husband.

Husni and wife

Husni and wife in happier times before he crossed the Rubicon and the shit hit the fan

Another common denominator between Anwar and Husni is that both hide behind the mask of piety (muka warak). Until today, 18 years later, there are still many people who cannot believe that Anwar committed all those crimes he was alleged to have committed — and hence all the allegations must be fitnah or slander. It is almost like saying that Mother Teresa was gay and had several gay partners. No one will believe that.

Husni is hoping he can create this doubt. But that can only happen if, like in Anwar’s case, his wife comes out to openly campaign and speak up for him. At first, when Husni suggested this to his wife, she was outraged. She has never been a public figure in her husband’s political life. Eventually, however, Husni managed to convince her that she was not just saving him but would be saving herself and the entire family in the same process.

So the wife has started her ‘Save Husni Campaign’ and has already contacted a number of people to ‘sell’ her husband’s innocence. They are hoping that people will think if Husni is guilty then surely the scorned wife  (hell hath no fury like a woman scorned) would be the first to hang him — and since the wife is behind her husband then he must definitely be innocent.

Wan Azizah

Wan Azizah’s advice to Husni’s wife: stay cool, don’t panic, use a Japanese fan

Husni’s wife must have phoned Dr Wan Azizah to find out how to do it and to learn the secret of how she could do it for 18 years running while Anwar carries on buggering one young jambu after another. After all it is not easy to present a pious face, with goatee and all, and at the same time live the life of a devil (muka warak, perangai setan).

Husni has taken a page out of Anwar’s playbook. He is screaming political conspiracy and is telling everyone he is a victim of slander. And the reason he is being slandered is because he exposed Prime Minister Najib Tun Razak’s wrongdoing, he says.

But was it not Husni who last year defended Najib and said that the allegations against him were slanderous? And did Husni not give a long and detailed explanation as to why he said Najib was innocent? And was it not Husni, also, who attended every Cabinet meeting and told the Cabinet that the allegations against 1MDB are fabricated?

Furthermore, was it not Husni who asked Najib for the promotion to Finance Minister? And when Najib did not agree and instead wanted to transfer him to another ministry as full minister, was it not Husni who told Najib that he wants to resign unless he can become the Minister of Finance?

And was it not Husni who told Ahmad Nazri Abdul Aziz that if he does not get the RM2 billion New Pantai Expressway (NPE) extension project (see: Two billion reasons why Husni attacked Najib yesterday ) he is going to contest the Tambun parliament seat in the next general election to pecah undi and make sure that the opposition wins that seat?

Nazri Aziz

Husni told Nazri he will contest the Tambun seat in the next election if he does not get the RM2 billion highway extension project

Husni’s wife knows perfectly well that her husband is guilty because she, too, has received complaints and it is not one but many complaints against her husband. And when a wife poses questions to her husband about certain allegations, and when the husband lies, the wife always knows that her husband is lying. It is futile for a husband to lie to his wife. So normally they always come clean and confess when caught with their pants down. The “honey, it is not like what it looks, let me explain” line does not work on the wife.

I suppose, just like in Anwar’s case, a wife has no choice but to cover for her husband even if he is guilty like hell. After all, this is not about trying to save your husband but about trying to save yourself and the family as well. So Husni’s wife is sending text and WhatsApp messages to all and sundry to sing her husband’s innocence and swear that he is a victim of slander and a political conspiracy — an 18-year old hit song made popular by Dr Wan Azizah back in 1998.

Husni appears to be overly worried of late. Is there something he knows that the rest of us do not know? For one, all his former staff are against him. And while Anwar had ‘Mr N’ (S. Nallakaruppan) as his pimp, runner and bagman, Husni has ‘Mr F’ (and we shall leave the identity of ‘Mr F’ a secret for the meantime until further notice).


- Malaysia Today.

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