Tuesday, November 15, 2016


Tunku Abdul Aziz claims Red Bean army gets foreign funding.
Tunku Abdul Aziz claims Red Bean army gets foreign funding.

The Red Bean Army (RBA), purportedly a propaganda cyber vehicle for DAP, received foreign funding, claims social activist Tunku Abdul Aziz.

Tunku Aziz, a former DAP vice-chairman, claimed that DAP had used RBA to draw strategies in creating online propaganda and wild accusations against the government of the day.

Tunku Aziz alleged that RBA has been part of DAP’s conspiracy to throw wild allegations to entice the public with misleading information.

Speaking to reporters at Eastin Hotel today, he said that it was also a ‘subversive process’ to bring down a constitutionally elected government.

Over the years, RBA has been a hot subject debated whether the opposition DAP was directly involved in funding and administering the group.

Some political and social activists have claimed that RBA had a group almost 1,000 cyber armies that worked together to launch online propaganda.

In August 2015, Prime Minister Najib Razak has called for open warfare against RBA, urgng Umno members to counter back the false views and information spread by RBA army against the government and him.

Najib said one does not need to be a pro-cyber trooper but merely being a Facebook and Twitter practitioners to counter false online views.

However, DAP has denied accusations that the party was funding the online keyboard warriors.

- MalaysiaOutlook.

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