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DoJ, Web Media and the Oppositions: Don’t Point Finger Who is at Fault 
A seven-year long issue, since it was first mentioned in the parliament, the scandal of the 1MDB has been dragging too long and yet no one is found directly linked to it. The Prime Minister Najib Razak received the most severe accusation of being the number one involved in the case. If the issue persists, hypothetically, the foreign power play might possibly be involved in Malaysian affairs.

The DoJ (The US Department of Justice) is again filing a lawsuit against the 1MDB which doesn’t make sense while its first action was settled after Malaysia made a clarification of the case. The DoJ’s subsequence action is making our mind perplex. Is the DoJ really upright in carrying out its duty or has it been acted upon to denigrate the government of Malaysia or perhaps its actions is simply in favor of the enemy?

Everyone in the government is pretty sure Najib Razak is not necessitated in the day to day affair of the 1MDB although he is the chairman of the company. 

Assume that he is making the decision and others acknowledge it. The question is what does it takes for him to shut their mouths. Either he a dictator whose wrongdoing must be tightly sealed or else he will have to defeat them. He acknowledged that he was not involved in any illegal activities involving 1MDB. Thus, he is not involved in money laundering. The Malaysian law ensured that after conducted a series of investigation, the police, the anti-corruption agency and what is more, the attorney general of Malaysia had declared that the prime minister of Malaysia is innocent of any wrongdoing regarding the 1MDB scandal. So, whoever refuse the fact given by the highest Malaysian authority is tantamount to discredit the Malaysian government. And then the question arises, is there any conspiracy to topple the BN to the extent of using foreign power?

For almost seven years, the social media, the Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and individual blogs have been trying hard to unclothe the weakness of the government of Malaysia, but all information is not reliable, sensationalism becomes prevalent. The distorted and biased information culminating in the public mind to some degree had resulted in political hatred and foreign concern. 

Not only the social media are dancing on the sensational tunes, but official websites are also behaving the same way. The Malaysiakiniand the foreign websites, the Sarawak Report and overseas newspaper such as the Wall Street journal have also equally drumming around the news regarding the scandal. But ironically up until today, none of the published information can resolve anything whatsoever. The news is not reliable and none can be the basis to incriminate the government's fallacious acts. But what is obvious, the opposition has been politicizing the issue and churn propaganda out of the blurring issue. Below is the example of news published by the Malaysiakini:

In the light of these statements. Malaysians are once again reminded of how Najib fired the then Attorney General, removed those in Cabinet raising questions and gutted the Public Account Committee investigation when revelation first broke in 2015. 

Since then, the Malaysian people have been given no clear explanation by our institutions into the location of the missing funds. It has been seven years since the issue of IMDB was first raised in Parliament, but the truth is still being kept from the rakyat. As an obvious indication of the lack of transparency and accountability surrounding this scandal, the Auditor General’s report into 1MDB remains under the Official Secret Act……. 

Is the government not transparent? Because the reaction of politician’s dogged criticism and media’s bias are making ways for foreign interference like the DoJ to be involved in the issue.
The DOJ has filed the lawsuit against the 1MDB case for the second time. By right the case should have been closed when The Attorney General Chamber had made it public that there was no case involving the Prime Minister of Malaysia.  

The question is why does the case propped up again? In the press release, the Attorney General, Tan Sri Dato’ Sri Haji Mohamed Apandi Bin Haji Ali  had expressed his concern about this matter;

The Attorney General’s Chambers of Malaysia (AGC) takes note of the latest civil lawsuits by the United States Department of Justice (DoJ). This second action comes on the anniversary of the first, and appears to be a repeat of it. We would like to express frustration that yet again AGC was not informed or alerted by DoJ of this action.

We also note that there has been no evidence from any investigation conducted by any law enforcement agencies in various jurisdictions that shows that money has been misappropriated from 1MDB; and that there have been no criminal charges against any individuals for misappropriation of funds from 1MDB.

1MDB is a Malaysian company and has been the subject of multiple investigations within Malaysia, including by the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission, Auditor General and bi-partisan Public Accounts Committee. After review, we found that no crime was committed. Presently there is still an ongoing investigation conducted by the Royal Malaysia Police concerning 1MDB.

We would like to express strong concerns at the insinuations that have been made against the Prime Minister of criminal wrongdoing. At no point in the civil claims is the Prime Minister named as a defendant or has been alleged to have committed any wrongdoing.

To date AGC has yet to receive any request from DoJ to obtain any information or evidence. However, we would welcome such a request in line with our commitment to international cooperation and the fight against money laundering.

As I have promised before, AGC will not hesitate to initiate proceedings against the perpetrators of criminal acts provided there is sufficient evidence to do so. Any wrongdoing will be punished and Malaysia will always uphold the rule of law.”

It seems that the web does not really sense what is right and what is wrong, what is valid and invalid regarding the issue. The actual essence of journalism profession in which every reporting must not deny the sources is not in place here. 

They can distrust the source, but they must find more sources to validate the first one, but this does not happen in the web journalism. When the truth cannot be found, journalist sensationalizes the issue. And the US, a country that is always intolerable of uncivilized manner should have leaned on the concept of objectivity. 

If we are really intelligent, let us ponder on the issue and don’t let our mind  be preoccupied with the bias reports especially from Malaysiakini’sstory tellers and other foreign media. The DoJ on the other hand should have not blended together the issues of IMDB and the demand of vested interest politicians and media bias into its jurisdiction. (Putrajaya Insider).
Dari: MymassaVoice.

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