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These days we find many of those in the younger generation rooting for the Opposition, claiming that Anwar Ibrahim is the only one who can “save” the country.

The first question here is from what do you actually want Anwar to “save” the country from?

Only if there is some form of oppression or injustice or if people are being tortured and dying of hunger would it warrant a need for someone to “save” the nation.

Here, in Malaysia, less than 0.6 per cent of its people live below the poverty rate, dropping from 1.7 per cent in 2012, while the average household income has been rising steadily even after adjusting for inflation.

For example, in 2014, the average household income rose to RM6,141 per month from RM5,000 in 2012.

Compared to some countries, such as the United States, we enjoy an almost free medical care and most people have at least three meals a day.

So, what is it that we need “saving” from?

For those who have forgotten what a personality Anwar was when he served as the Deputy Prime Minister from 1993 – 1998, let me refresh your memory.

He certainly was not the man he portrays to be today and neither was his wife, Datin Seri Dr Wan Azizah Wan Ismail, the approachable “Kak Wan” you see today.

But then again, ask yourself, will a leopard ever be able to shed its spots?

Back then when he was the Education Minister between 1986 and 1991, wasn’t he the one who disallowed any vernacular schools to be built on government land reserved for schools?

And wasn’t it Anwar who had insisted on appointing non-Mandarin speaking headmasters and senior assistants in Chinese schools despite vehement protest from the MCA and educationalist?

The late Gerakan President, Tun Dr Lim Keng Yaik back in 2008, clearly stated that Anwar was anti-Chinese.
“I had a hard time while Anwar was youth and sports minister, education minister, finance minister and deputy prime minister.
“I can say that if you trust him, he will eat you alive. Do you think he will change after years of imprisonment,” Dr Lim was quoted saying.

As for the Indians, do you really think Anwar is interested in your welfare?

“He is only interested in getting the Indian votes but not actually interested in solving Indian issues,” Hindraf leader P. Uthayakumar said.

He pointed out that Anwar failed to respond to Hindraf on various counts.

Back then when Anwar was the deputy prime minister, I recall the horror journalists assigned to cover him would have to go through just to get a few words from him.

The local media were treated as scum, while he was ever willing to give interviews to the foreign media.

I recall a time when a journalist was literally pulled off the stage during a press conference with Anwar as he had moved too close to the then DPM.

Anwar’s bodyguards at that time were ruthless and never reluctant to use any kind of force to prevent local journalists from getting too close to him.

He certainly was not the approachable, welcoming person he portrays to be now.

And as for his wife, Dr Wan Azizah, well she was an “untouchable” at that time.

She would not even look at you, let alone talk to you. Journalists could not even get within a mile of her.

It is only now that she has become known as “Kak Wan” and is ever smiling and easily approachable.

As a journalist who began his career in the early nineties, trust me, Anwar will bear his fangs again just as he did when he was in power and your favourite “Kak Wan” will also be back to who she was.

Enemies often unite when they face a common foe and this is exactly what is happening now.

Malaysians are quick to forget and many have forgotten the kind of hammering Tun M dished out against Anwar before they joined forces.

Be wary of these illusionists, just like chameleons change colours, so can they … do not be deceived.

Dari: Malaysia Impact.

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